How to install MDL Chime plugin to the Mozilla browser?

Although not exhaustively tested with Chime 2.6 SP4, the Firefox browser seems to be a good alternative to IE and Netscape. Mozilla is an open-source web browser based on Netscape engine (but free from some doubtful bells-and-whistles). It is freely available from
Unfortunately, the installer of the current Chime is programmed to recognise only IE and NS, otherwise it refuses to install the appropriate files. However, it is possibly to install it manually under Mozilla and it works fine.
The solution is very simple:

1) Chime 2.6 SP4 should be installed to Internet Explorer.
2) Install Mozilla according to its instructions.
3) Open the IE parent folder, usually C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\, and switch to the "plugins" subfolder.
4) Open the Mozilla parent folder, usually C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\, and switch to the "plugins" subfolder.
5) Copy the following files from the \Internet Explorer\plugins folder to \Mozilla Firefox\plugins folder:


6) Start Firefox. If you write into the address field "about:plugins", the browser should list the Chime plugin too. Another quick test: if you drag-and-drop an MDL mol file or PDB file into Firefox, the molecule should appear in a Chime window.

Of course, it is not necessary to have an installed Chime under IE in the same PC, you can get the two plugin files from another PC.


Dr. Tamas E. Gunda
University of Debrecen, Hungary
tgunda2 {AT} puma·unideb·hu